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Who invites someone over for a friendly chat at dawn? – A Plus quizzes BNI

Controversial and ardent critic of the NPP government Kwame Asare Obeng, popularly known as A Plus has admitted that officials of the Bureau of National Investigations stormed his home on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday dawn in a bid to invite him to their premises.

“They said they were sent by the BNI Director to come and invite me for a friendly chat. This time they left their number. So I called the number and asked why he is looking for me and he said his boss wants to have a chat with me. I asked why he can’t call me but have to come to my house twice and dawn but he said he could not find my number”, he recounted to Accra based

The political activist and member of the governing party noted that he was out of the country on a personal ‘grooming mission’. In a post on Instagram he wondered why the director of the government security apparatus will invite him over at dawn when they could easily had done that at a different hour.

“They have been to my house twice. Wednesday afternoon and Thursday dawn. I’m not in Ghana so they left a message that they were sent by the director of BNI to invite me for a “friendly chat.” (I don’t know why they came at dawn to invite me for a friendly chat though).”

He however stated that he was unmoved and fearless by their action, adding that he would not be intimidated by anyone irrespective of their status in the country.


A Plus further postulated that he will honour the invitation once he arrived from his trip and noted that he will ‘walk’ in to the Bureau and ‘walk’ out afterwards.

A Plus was recently in the news for being on the heels of the Director General of Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA), Mr Kwame Owusu and has vowed to rip him apart.

He disclosed in a Facebook live on Monday he is yet to start ripping him apart and dared Mr Owusu to go and report the matter to the police if he has evidence to the effect he tried blackmailing him.

“He should report me to the police that I tried to blackmail him…I have not even started yet with the documents I have about him. We are all engaging in catch catch…You catch me I catch you”, he disclosed.

Threatening to spill a dossier on him, the controversial musician cautioned Mr Kwame Owusu against any act that will exacerbate the situation stating he is more than prepared to face off with him.





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