The Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment – An entrepreneurial and policy think tank dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and free markets has introduced its Scholars Club to four Universities in the country.

The club with chapters in the Ghana Institute of Journalism, University of Mines and Technology, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University of Ghana is aimed at imbibing in young people the free market philosophy and economics.

Research suggests that young people make up approximately 57 per cent of Ghana’s population yet are not visible in the policymaking space.

Students who show interest in policymaking are often adopted and infused with party ideologies from the tertiary level where they nurse their political potentials. This makes them partisan in the end.

The development, ACEYE believes blinds objectivity when considering policies and reforms, hence, creating impending danger for the future.

In advanced countries, their politicians are people who right from the University had a thorough idea of the ideologies they have to use.

Speaking to journalists at the sidelines of the launch, CEO of ACEYE, Emmanuel Acquah said “We expect that young people will abide by the code of ethics and the structure that we are using for the training.”

He further noted that “There is a pitch competition where at the end of the training they engage in a battle of ideas among the universities. We are hoping that political actors tap into these ideas that will generated during the competition.”

Members of the club are expected to become agents of change through discussions, debates, and training on the back of free-market philosophy and economics. .



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