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Ghana Education Service directs Wesley Girls SHS to allow Muslim students to fast; parents to bear any consequences

The Ghana Education Service has directed authorities of the Wesley Girls SHS to allow Muslim students to fast. The directive also applies to all other schools who at the moment do not allow students to fast. The latest directive comes on the back of a case involving a student whose parent stormed to the Wesley Girls SHS to withdraw his daughter because she was not being allowed to fast.

According to the School to disallowance of fasting is because of the adverse health implications and it has been a “long-standing” practice and was not limited to Muslims.

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“The net effect [of fasting] was that students developed various health conditions. The school, therefore, took the decision, then, that irrespective of one’s religious background, fasting was not permitted. It was therefore imperative that to ensure that the health of students was not compromised vis-à-vis their organised school schedules, this long-standing practice had to be maintained. This was the basis for the refusal by the school authorities of the girl’s request to fast during Ramadan,” GES explained in the statement.

The Service has since directed parents “to write to the school indicating that the school shall not be held liable for any health condition of the student as a result of the fast”.


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Here are details of the GES’ Press Statement






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