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Cameroon main opposition leader arrested over ‘illegal protests’

Prof. Maurice Kamto, Cameroon’s main opposition leader has reportedly been arrested, his party and rights activist in the Central African country confirmed on Monday, January 28.

Kamto who is leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, has been taken to an unknown destination according to a lawyer in the Anglophone region, Agbor Nkongho.

Even though government has yet to comment on the development, it is largely believed that arrest which took place in Douala is linked to a peaceful protest by Kamto’s part over the weekend.

Reports indicate that he is not the only one detained but that other members of the party have also been held and are due to be sent to Yaounde for questioning.


He came in second in October 2018 presidential elections which were won by the incumbent Paul Biya.

The former Biya-appointee led an opposition coalition that involved renown lawyer Akere Muna, the pair struck a deal with about 24-hours to the opening of votes.

He was the first to declare himself winner of the vote following which security was deployed to his party offices and his residence. He was briefly put under house arrest but all measures subsequently withdrawn.

He was also at the heart of a legal challenge seeking the annulment of the presidential result. His team, however, saw their petition dismissed by the Constitutional Court which affirmed the seventh straight mandate of Biya.

Alfa Shaban@AlfaAfrican

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* Cameroonians have made history by voting out the incumbent.
* I won a clear mandate, ready to defend firmly.
* Biya must set up transition team to avert needless crisis.
* Supporters can remain joyful and be proud.

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