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Chereponi residents defy curfew; burn tyres in protest

Residents of Chereponi in the Northern Region have defied the curfew imposed on the area by the Ministry of Interior.

They burnt tyres at vantage points in protest of the curfew.


A 4:00pm to 7:00am curfew was imposed on the Chereponi township effective Thursday, January 03, 2019, after clashes in the area resulted in two deaths and left several others wounded.

Properties including foodstuffs have also been destroyed.

The residents are asking for justice and are calling for more security personnel.

The clashes were between Anufuls and Konkombas over a piece of land at Naduni in the Chereponi District.

According to them, they fear attacks could happen during the curfew period hence their agitations.

There are reports that residents in some neighbouring communities are trooping to the Chereponi township to seek refuge, but the security personnel are preventing them from entering Chereponi town due to the curfew.

But residents in Chereponi say it is better they are killed than to be under curfew.

Meanwhile, a team of military personnel have been dispatched to those communities.





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