The Electoral Commission (EC) has said that it almost set to declare the December 7 presidential election results on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

This follows the EC’s failure to declare the result within 24 hours, which was supposed to be at 5pm on December 8, 2020 as it had earlier promised.

EC Chair Jean Mensah attributed the delay to the December 8 unexpected heavy downpour in parts of the country, which delayed voting, counting and collation of results.

Jean Mensah told journalists at a press conference in the early hours of Wednesday that the rains also made it difficult for the EC’s officers to travel to the constituency and regional collation centers to present their pink sheets.

She however disclosed that so far, they have received results from 14 out of the 16 regions of the country and have certified and published at least seven of those.

“All results from the seven regions were approved by all party representatives at the EC’s national strongly before they were certified and published.

“We have published all seven certified results on our website and on all of our social media platforms for the benefit of the public,” she said.

The EC Chair is therefore asking the public to ignore all other results being put out by interested parties and focus on the certified results from on the EC website and social media platforms.

She assured the public that, to settle the confusion about who holds majority in Parliament, the EC is also collating Parliamentary results to include in the announcement at the national level.

Jean Mensah also said the claims by a political party that some people are trying to manipulate election results are false, saying that the level of transparency and involvement of political parties in the process makes it difficult for anyone to rig the elections.

“The system is tight and does not allow any such manipulation – there is a high level of participation by political parties – from polling station, constituency to regional collation process include political parties and candidates agents who sign before the results are forwarded to the next level,” she said.

According to her, the results transmitted to the various levels, are not just some copied and forwarded records but photographs and images of pink sheets, regional collation sheets and regional summary sheets, which cannot be manipulated.

Jean Mensah said the EC regrets the delay but “we hope to receive results from the remaining two regions so we can make a declaration later today,” she said.

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