Mfodwo was deserving of the crowning award of the night as the star performer after a remarkable and electrifying presentation last night. Indeed, she made Rwanda proud! 

Eva Afia Mfodwo from the Bono region could easily pass for a true daughter of Rwanda after her performance last night. Her graceful and intelligent execution was truly award-winning.

“Much respect to the father of our land, His Excellency Paul Kagame. Welcome to the cleanest country in the whole of Africa. Welcome to the land of possibilities, to the land of safaris and to the land of friendly locals. I welcome you all to the republic of Rwanda with our capital city as Kagame.

“We pride ourselves as one of the only three countries in the world with a female majority in parliament with about 60 per cent representation of women. And so, oh yes, we believe strongly in women empowerment. Since good food is a good mood, you can never visit my land without tasting our sweet Ugali.”

Mfodwo was dress in the traditional outfit umushanana, a loose cloth strung over one shoulder and ranched up on the opposite hip. She addressed the infamous Hutu-Tutsi ethnic war.

“Rwanda, like any other country, has faced tragedies. I remember from April to July 1994 when the days seemed like night and so cold. Over 1million lives were lost in 100 days. And ethnic extremism became the order of the day.

“Rwanda has faced wars and destructions, but we never held back from victory. And just like Confucious once said, ‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising up each time that we fall.’ And so Rwanda rose again, and it is now a force to reckon with. Oh, the resilience! I believe that we all can take a cue out of this, that no matter how hard you fall just pick yourself up again and keep moving forward. Because out of tragedy comes strength,” Mfodwo concluded.




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