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Gov’t to privatise Kotoka International Airport

The government of Ghana is considering privatising the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), according to a Cabinet document seen by Class News.

The airport, which handles close to 5000 passengers daily, is to be handed over to a private company, Tav Airport Holding Company limited, for a terminal management contract or a concession agreement.

The private company forwarded a proposal to Ghana’s Aviation Ministry “to help bring about the physical development of the airport enclave.”

Per the terminal management contract porposal, terminals within the airport will be managed by the airlines while the ownership of the airport and its operations will remain the responsibility of the state, should the deal be pursued and signed.


As far as the concession agreement is concerned, the concession manager will be responsible for “all aspects of the day to day operations.”

“The concessionaires assume most of the risk for potential downturns in the airport revenues but also receive a greater reward if there is an unexpected increase in airline passenger traffic,” the memo noted.

The proposal urged the Akufo-Addo Cabinet to “consider and convey policy approval for the Ministry of Aviation to facilitate the engagement of Tav Airports Holding Company Limited as a strategic partner for the management of Kotoka International Airport.”




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