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I agreed to marry another woman for money, even though I was married – Nollywood actor

Popular Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi has refuted reports that his wife disrupted an alleged wedding to his pregnant girlfriend in 2013.

Speaking in an interview on The Premiers on Joy Prime, the movie director told Selly Galley that the alleged marriage was not real but rather a business contract.

According to him, that business marriage was a way for him to make money because at some point in his life he was really broke.

He recalled that things were so bad that, he had to beg for food just to survive.

“I lost all of my wealth during my second marriage [and] it was so bad that I had to beg for bread so I couldn’t take it…it is better you don’t have money before than to have and lose it…,” he said.
Recounting what fueled the story, Mr Akiyesi narrated that, “I got a business proposition from another lady, whiles I was happily married. I got this business proposition which was going to change my story all over. I quite honestly told my wife that this is the rounds I was gonna do because when there was money I was king in my house…”


He added that “but when the money disappeared the girl (second wife) I trained through university, bought her all that she wanted and took care of her and her family will talk me down like a gateman…so I vowed that I was gonna change my story no matter what. I told her the business was tied to a contract marriage but like I said, she did not approve, she did not disagree also…”

The actor continued that, “I went to Lagos with the lady in question but I didn’t know that the lady was on the side printing invitation cards like planning a real wedding and all that. I was not going to marry anybody. It was a business and I was in the business, the lady was in the business and the church was in the business…and the church was to be handsomely paid for that business.”

“I told my wife but like I said she never supported or refused this business…not knowing that people had gone to her to tell her ‘your husband don go ooo na lie that thing no bi true’ and in her childish mindset she got scared and called her father…so I expected that my wife calling the dad, the dad will call me and say son, what is this that I am hearing that you are getting married to someone else when you are not fighting your wife, then I will probably give him father to son discussion that this is what is going on o, errr…it is not a problem….but he never wanted me to marry his daughter from day one and he saw that as an opportunity…”

“Then he jumped into the plane with his daughter and came to Lagos, brought with about 30 policemen into the church and I was already seated in my suit, and then my business wife already had her long gown I was shocked that day seeing all of that people and I was like this thing don pass what we talk now…I heard they bought one big house for the reception and all that …Well I sat there with my suit and as she danced close to me there was my wife in the church with her father and the policemen and all that then it went viral…everybody was like he [left his] wife [to] go marry another woman….”

“But I wanted to ask people, now that I am discussing this, on that day the 13 of April 2013, which of my family members was there? As popular as I have become, will I be getting married without an invitation to friends? And people are not thinking, it was supposed to be quiet business stuff,” he added

“This is the first time I am saying this publicly because I am in Ghana…there’s always a time for everything. People never knew the true story the little I was able to tell friends they went on social media and changed the story to suit them, to suit bloggers but today I am saying it the way it is,” he concluded.





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