The “Proud Fvck Boy” hit maker, Tulenkey said that being a womanizer, he has a lot of girlfriends with 59 ex-girlfriends.

Tulenkey said in an interview that being a womanizer, he likes girls a lot with many girlfriends and ex-girlfriends.

“Me being an ‘f-boy’, I like girls a lot. I have a lot of girlfriends- a whole lot. and exes, i have 59 exes,” he said.

He also said that he receives a lot of nude pictures from different girls- mostly their breasts but he prefers the buttocks.

“Some send me nudes. some send me some kind pictures. It’s all part of the job. they normally send their breast. Me too, I’m not a fan of breast so please those of you sending should change and make it buttocks. that’s what I like.”

Tulenkey is a ghanaian songwriter and rapper with hit songs, “Your Girlfriend” nad “Proud Fvck Boy”.



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