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Ex gay, Nana Tarzan has recounted how he lived his life as a homosexual and how he was delivered by a man of God from his then lifestyle.

In an interview with Arnold Mensah Elavanyo on Vibes in 5,  he shared his experience on how his health was devastated by that lifestyle. He mentioned he had to wear pampers because he had some smelly liquid oozing from his anus.

“I used to wear 3 to 4 pampers in a day because there was some smelly liquid from my ass. At times it becomes yellow, white you see.”

“I went to the hospital and the doctor asked me what I do and I told him I don’t know.”

“At a point the doctor told me if I don’t tell him the truth he’s not going to treat me because what he is seeing is not what I am saying so I told him this is what I do and I want to quit it that’s why I didn’t come with my guy so he should just treat me. So he was having a pastor who came to the hospital and prayed for me.”

He added that “while having sex we used to put some gel around the anus that makes it soft for penetration. I was always applying that. But my anus had become devastated as a result of incessant penetration. It got to a point I was passing out stool uncontrollably. My anus had been damaged.”

When asked how he managed to deal with his friends and go into people, he said he had no friends and didn’t even like the sight of women.

“No I don’t have friends because you the lady I don’t get any feeling for you and some I don’t go close to you, so I will sometimes be in a room for like 2 weeks without going out.”

“I was sick for nine to ten months with the liquid dripping out of my anus. I slept in the hospital for three months for treatment and they’ve been able to fix it. The pastor too really helped. I don’t wear pampers anymore,” he said.

Tarzan said he was unable to save from that lifestyle and lost all that he had acquired. He said he met popular people including pastors in his then lifestyle.

“Actors, musicians, ministers, pastors, many. Akufo-Addo shouldn’t legalise gay because if he does we are doomed. The ministers want to talk but they can’t talk. We have where they meet for meetings, lesbians and gays having group sex,” he aded.


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