Anthony Dzamefe told KKB he served as an apprentice to a shoemaker for months

CEO of Cavemen Watches, Anthony Dzamefe has touted the relevance of humility in an entrepreneurial journey.

Recounting his story to Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng on the 21 Minutes with KKB show, Mr. Dzamefe said it is expedient that individuals yearning to be entrepreneurs carry with them the spirit of humility.

Using himself as an example, he revealed that regardless of the fact that he had a degree at the time he was exploring the watch industry, he did not find it difficult serving as an apprentice for a shoemaker in Kantomanto for months.

“I will learn Watch repairs from the roadside repairers. I ended up at Kantamanto being an apprentice to a shoemaker for a couple of months to learn leather crafts. So it was three years after selling watches and knowing about watches,”

“Enprenures should be humble enough. I was humble enough to go to the roadside watch repairers. I had my degree I am here in Kantamanto being an apprentice to a shoemaker because I knew I had to learn something,” Mr. Dzamefe said.

Watch the full interview below


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