Ghanaian gospel musician Sonnie Badu is still talking despite saying ‘lions don’t respond to frogs.’

The “Baba” hitmaker who is based in the United States is under fire after a Twitter user investigated the school where he acquired four certificates in four months and found that the institution isn’t accredited in the US.

He has responded to critics in series of social media posts and a Facebook live video but has granted his first media interview where he claimed he wrote a thesis for his honorary doctorate.

“(To acquire) an honorary doctorate, you have to prove that you are worth it,” he told KMJ on Joy Prime. “They don’t just give it to you if the university is credible. I don’t know how it’s done in Africa.”

He said he received an honorary doctorate for his Christian ministry and had to do a bachelors and masters to gain the honorary doctorate. He didn’t state how long it took him to complete both degrees.

“I needed to do something pertaining to ministry (to acquire the degree) so I started working on my bachelors in Ministry and masters in Christian Leadership. Now, there’s something called ‘field of expert’. I have done Ministry for 28 years.”

“I remember when I was dealing with my professor in London, every little experience that I went through, he said, is part of ministry,” he said.

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