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Data from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) indicates that some 271 foreign nationals have been repatriated in 2020 due to various immigration offences.

In all, nationals of 22 countries were deported last year.

The deportees who were mostly from West African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries were sent back home for offences such as false declaration to acquire a Ghanaian passport, human smuggling, forged travel documents, prostitution, among others.

Nigeria -109

Some 109 Nigerians were deported from Ghana in 2020. From this number, 50 were repatriated for illegal stay and cyber fraud. Some 28 of them were deported for engaging in prostitution.

About 14 were ex-convicts who had entered the country, nine were sent back for illegal entry, five were repatriated for a false declaration to acquire a Ghanaian passport, two were on the GIS’ blacklist and had to be repatriated, while one person was sent back for each of the following offences: destitution, human trafficking, human smuggling and forgery of travel documents.


About 29 Beninese nationals were sent back home by the Immigration Service for illegal entry.


Around 28 Chinese nationals were sent packing for various offences, including illegal mining – 13, illegal stay – 11, whilst three were on the GIS’ blacklist and one for illegal entry.


Of the 25 Nigeriens who were deported, 14 were ex-convicts. The 11 others were sent back for illegal entry.

La Côte d’Ivoire-23

The 25 offenders from La Côte d’Ivoire were repatriated for two main offences – illegal entry and fraudulent acquisition of Ghana passports on one hand. Two offenders were repatriated for this offence, while 23 Ivorians were sent packing for illegal stay.

Burkina Faso-9

About nine Burkinabes were sent back home for illegal entry.


The nine Egyptians who were deported were sent back for illegal entry – one, and illegal stay – eight.


Around eight Guineans were repatriated for illegal entry and for testing positive for COVID-19.


Of the five offenders from Togo, four were ex-convicts while one had made a false declaration to acquire a Ghanaian passport.

Sierra Leone-3

The three offenders from Sierra Leone were repatriated for two main offences – illegal stay and non-possession of travel documents – one, and forged arrival stamp – two.


Each of the three Indians was sent back for committing one of the following offences – instigating workers, stealing and causing damage to property.


The three Cameroonians were sent back home for possessing counterfeit Italian residence cards.


The three Nepalese were repatriated for being victims of human trafficking.


Two Pakistanis were deported for illegal stay.


Two Bangladeshis were sent packing for illegal entry.


The two Gambians were repatriated for illegal entry.


One Liberian was sent back for being an ex-convict.


One Italian was repatriated for illegal employment.


One Mauritanian was deported for illegal entry.


One Iranian was sent packing for impersonation.


One Moldovan was deported for possessing a fake United Kingdom (UK) visa.


One Ethiopian was repatriated for double purpose of visit.

Source: Citinewsroom


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