Neurosurgeon at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Dr. Hadi Abdullah says it is sad that the contract for conducting COVID 19 tests at the Kotoka International Airport was awarded to a foreign entity, Frontiers Healthcare Services Limited.


Speaking to Nana Aba Anamoah on Starr Chat Dr. Abdullah it was disappointing that people were focused on profiteering instead of the general good of the people and the state.

“I am very disappointed that when COVID came some people felt it was a way of enriching themselves. And what happened at our airports is a disgrace. I saw Ghanaians who were trying to return home and we took advantage of them. They had to pay the for the (Covid) test.   And it’s sad that as a country, we did not see it an opportunity to build our infrastructure but we gave to a private firm. It doesn’t belong to Ghana at the end. Dr. Abdullah said.


The outspoken Korle-Bu Neurosurgeon added that the country has failed to take advantage of the pandemic to augment its health infrastructure.


“This was an opportunity to have retooled Noguchi and give them that opportunity there. I know they will not come out to speak but you when there is a health crisis, the last thing you should think about is making money out of it. People profited from it (COVID) and are still profiting from it and it is sad. At the end of it probably the only legacy that we will have will be the Infectious Disease Centre. COVID has not taught us anything. And I can tell you as we speak, in spite of the fact that we have built the Infectious Disease Centre, we have not taken it a notch higher to ensure that we build other Centres across the country and COVID is not over”.


The Frontiers Healthcare Services Limited contract at the KIA has been a major source of controversy and was a topical issue during the vetting of the ministerial nominees.

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