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Jason Tutu writes: Are there no adults left in this country?

The two major political parties seem armed and arming up; and they each continue to provide a reason to push each other to still arm-up some more.

It get’s to a point where the finger-pointing will no longer be of any use. Sierra-leone and Liberia are harshly instructive that going on this path only signals an outcome or two ; many may well die or get amputated pretty soon. Experience has also shown us that in this matter of irrational political thuggery, both the accused and the accuser are seeking nothing germane, not for the collective good, but their sheer inglorious and parochial political advantage.

This is the moment when all level-headed citizens, fully supported by all well meaning media, must rise up and resolve to totally condemn and black out any political entity which; deploys, associates itself with, or causes itself to be associated with mindless vigilantes.

And for those young ones preoccupied with the niggling and party political wiggling; mind you, it doesn’t start, nor is it announced with a thunderclap, it drizzles like you’re seeing – and then takes you by storm, even before you know it. This generation must decide, and decide we must emphatically; as to whether we want a democracy or a kratocracy; so that we’re all well advised as to which of these two to sharpen in order to guarantee survival – our brains or our machetes.

For we are doomed if we dare forget so soon, that:

Sergeant Okan-Adjetey and his cohorts didn’t perish at the hands of colonialist bullets for this. Danquah didn’t die in jail for this. Nkrumah didn’t have to die in exile for this. Gen. Afrifa and co. didn’t have to be killed needlessly at a firing squad for this. Neither should our disgust at the cold blooded murder of the three High Court Judges end at this.

We must grow up and stop tethering ourselves perilously at the edge of violence whenever it’s time to carry out very basic democratic exercises. The tomfoolery is getting one more too many. Do we still have some adults in the room? and if so, can you rise and speak up, please?. Somebody needs must wake those atavistic junkies up; and sound it into their skulls loudly, that it’s the 21st Century for heavens sake!


Source: Jason Tutu



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