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Man arrested over incest with three stepdaughters

A 37-year-old farmer who had sexual intercourse with his three stepdaughters, impregnated one and attempted aborting the pregnancy, has been arrested by the Twifo Darmang police.

Tetteh, a resident of Mbaa Mpe Hia No two, a surburb of Twifo Darmang near Twifo Praso is alleged to have severally had sex with his three step daughters aged 20, 18 and 16 in their house and sometimes in the bush.

Tetteh was said to have gotten the 16-year old pregnant and had administered a drug to abort the pregnancy.


The elders of the village who had wind of the amorous affairs summoned Tetteh to the Twifo Darmang palace for interrogation.


Upon admitting the offence, the elders called in the police to effect Tetteh’s arrest.

The Central Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Irene Oppong said the police was investigating incest, abortion, defilement and seduction.

She said the suspect had been detained while the victims had been issued with police medical report forms while investigations continue.





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