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Nanton youth protest against enskinment of Yaa Naa’s nominee

The youth of Nanton in the Northern Region on Monday embarked on a demonstration exercise to protest against the newly enskinned chief of the area, Muhammadu Baba Bawa.

Some communities under the traditional area also joined in the protest.

The issue was put before the Committee of Eminent Chiefs over the weekend after the youth mounted roadblocks and roamed the streets to demand a reversal of the enskinment.


The Spokesperson for the protesting group, Alhaji Mugisu Sibiwey told Citi News they do not support Baba Bawa’s nomination as Nanton chief.

“The surrounding villages around Nanton are all here, saying that they do not want Baba Bawa to be the chief of Nanton. That is our problem. We do not want him so the overlord of Dagbon should have a second look at Baba Bawa being the chief of Nanton and change it for us so there will be peace,” Sibiwey said.

The residents a few days ago protested a decision by the overlord of Dagbon, Yaa Naa Abukari Mahama II to nominate an Andani as their chief.

The residents blocked roads and wielded offensive weapons to protest Baba Bawa’s nomination.

They vowed not to accept any Nanton Naa aside Zoosali Naa Haruna Tia Sulemana.

They also prevented Baba Bawa from visiting the town.




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