The National Security Ministry has justified the storming of the Citi FM to arrest one of Citi FM/Citi TV journalists Mrs. Zoe Abu-Baidoo Addo. In a statement responding to the incident which has received widespread condemnation, the National Security Ministry said it went to the premises of the media house to arrest the journalist because she had declined an invitation, despite not extending an official invitation.

“It was revealed that Mr. Kudah forwarded the footages he had taken surreptitiously to Ms. Zoe Abu-Baidoo. Upon declining an invitation for an interrogation Ms. Abu Baidoo was picked up by operators of the ministry”

7 national security operatives armed to the teeth stormed the premises of the media house to in Rambo-style to arrest Mrs. Abu-Baidoo Addo after her colleague Caleb Kudah sent her footages of some MASLOC vehicles, abandoned for several years close to the National Security premises.

Narrating her side of the incident on The Point of View on Citi TV, Mrs. Abu-Baidoo Addo revealed that the National Security operatives deceived her into thinking that she was chatting with her colleague Caleb Kudah, who they had detained and forcefully seized his mobile phone to communicate with her.

“I received videos from Caleb at 2:34 pm and I saw it around 2:52 pm, and because I already knew about his earlier post and what it brought about, when I saw it I was like oh wow, it’s still there. And then he says yes, where are you now. At this point I thought I was chatting him (Caleb Kudah). And I told him where I was, studio annex. Then he says, I am hungry, let’s go and find something to eat. Presumably to lure me out. If I had said okay where, once the person told me where I was supposed to come, they would have picked me up from there”.

The ministry also said it took seriously the allegations of assault and manhandling by Caleb Kudah at the hands of the national security and was investigating the matter.

“The Ministry takes with all seriousness, the allegations of manhandling of the two journalists during the interrogation. The Ministry has therefore initiated investigations into the said allegations,” the Ministry said in a statement.


Read the full details of the National Security Ministry below



Caleb Kudah did not break any code of ethics in journalism- GJA General Secretary Counters Affial Monney

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