The Ghanaian rapper, Obibini Boafo said that all LGBTQAI communities should be arrested except lesbianism. He said that lesbianism is harmless.

“I think lesbianism is harmless. They should arrest the rest,” he said in an interview.

Obibini Boafo said that being gay as compared to lesbianism is very harmful.

“I mean these are two females we know… poles or sticks to hurt each other. They’re just rubbing things against each other. I don’t see anything harmful. But the main one ‘dierr’ it’s very harmful. You’ll attest to that fact,” he said.

He confessed that he didn’t believe homosexuality was real till he got to high school which was Adisadel College. The secondary school also used to protect the homosexuals in the school.

“It’s funny enough the school used to protect those kind of boys too. The thing is, I didn’t believe it was real till i got to high school,” he said.

Obibini Boafo is a Ghanaian hip-hop rapper with hit songs such as “Get a Life” and “The Statement.”

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