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Okada and crime: what is the link?

The first link: Okada is a criminal business. Those who engage in it do so illegally.

In 2012, the use of motorbikes for commercial transport in the country was outlawed under Section 128 (1) of the Road Traffic Regulations, 2012 which states that: “The licensing authority shall not register a motorcycle to carry a fare-paying passenger.”

Two, some crimes have been committed through Okada. For instance, Ahmed Hussein Suale was shot by criminals on Okada.

Three, Okada has been and continue to be a major cause of fatal road accidents in Ghana as users violate traffic regulations.

Figures from the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) show that in 2014 alone, 2,571 people were knocked down by motorists out of which 1,856 lost their lives.


In 2015, 2,289 motorcycles were involved in road crashes nationwide while in the first quarter of 2017, about 708 road users died from 4,049 road accidents, with 3,983 others sustaining various degrees of injury.

Why will anybody choose Okada?  Why? Maybe to avoid traffic, but at what cost?

People are yet to appreciate the value of life. If not, what will make anybody entrust this life into the hands of an ill-fitted Okada, driven by a rather careless and callous  person, who himself cares not much about his own, knowing that life cannot be bought or be replaced? Why?

It is such a big risk to be riding at such maneuvering in the open air at such a fast speed with an unknown rider on an unregistered machine. No insurance, and hardly will be indemnified by the state if any issue occurs.

True, some of our people may be poor. But that is no reason to treat our lives with careless abandon. We may not be in positions of dignity today but we may be tomorrow.

How many great, rich and influential people do you see riding on motorbikes? Not the president, chiefs, MPs or even the business executives. No, they don’t. They are comfortable in their cars.

Okada is no way forward for the unemployed. It the path of death and crime.




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