The Minority in parliament has justified their decision to approve the nomination of Ken Ofori Atta as finance minister despite raising some reservations about what they describe as his poor management of the economy in his first term.

The house on Monday, March 29, 2021, Parliament approved Mr. Ofori-Atta as finance minister following the recommendation for his approval by consensus by the appointments Committee following the two days of vetting.

Seconding the motion for Mr. Ofori Atta’s approval, Minority leader Haruna Iddrisu argued that the Finance Minister must be made to face the consequences of running down the economy for the past 4 years, reason the minority backed his approval.

“We have accordingly recommended that he be approved by consensus. But Mr. Speaker, it does not mean that we are satisfied with his performance as Finance Minister. He probably will go and bear the brunt of his mismanagement of the Ghanaian economy in the last four years. He will bear the brunt of his inability to reconcile his fiscal data. He will bear the brunt for not providing enough details of how much the Bank of Ghana financed the government of Ghana in the 2020 period. The Tamale South MP said

He added that the minority MPs will demand accountability from the minister designate especially on issues which clarity was not obtained during his vetting.

We will demand for more information on this matter because we are convinced that he is in breach of the law and breach of the Bank of Ghana act, in breach of the fiscal responsibility and in breach of the public financial management act. He came to parliament for just 10 billion but by his own answers as captured in the committee report, he correlates to 22 billion. Where did he get the authorization to get 22 billion from the Bank of Ghana for the purposes of the government financing?

In concluding his submission, Haruna Iddrisu said “We think he has created a mess as finance minister and must be made to carry the cross as finance minister”

Ras Mubarak reacts

This argument has not gone down well with former MP for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak who has described the reasons adduced by the minority as untenable.

The argument that the Finance Minister messed the economy so should be approved to face it is so flawed. Question – Would the Minority Leader hand over his car to a driver who out of sheer incompetence or negligence crashed his car? Secondly if the economy is messed up further by the one who crashed it initially as we are made to believe, it is the fed-up man or woman in the streets who suffers and not the politician who gets some things tax-free. If this was meant to assuage the base, it has backfired big time. We are not buying it. Ras Mubarak stated in a post on Facebook.

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