I have a half brother, who, just like our father, was also a boxer. When a gym opened up in our area, he found a home there and got very good at dishing and taking punches as well. Indeed he was a beauty to behold in the ring. And soon he run out of opponents in Kwadaaso, Bantama, South and North Suntreso and Kwame Nkrumah Estates because he was beating everybody. So the gym owner decided to let him challenge Jomo, the Ashanti Regional Champion, after great reluctance and interference by the boxing authorities, the fight happened.
The fight was scheduled for 7pm at the Bantama community Center, a little over 6km from South Suntreso by foot and my brother decided we should make the journey by foot. My friends and I accompanied him, carrying his kit. On the way, he made us stop by a popular Kokonte spot at North Suntreso and my brother decided to eat before continuing. Now, having followed him around for a while I knew his coach had told him not to eat before a fight; he should maintain at least 3 hours between his last meal and fight time, so I reminded him of this and he brushed it aside. I wasn’t worried at all, he’s the strongest I’ve met after all. When we arrived at the venue, he warmed up briefly, stopped and just paced . Again when he got into the ring, he shadow boxed briefly and proceed pace the ring . The the bell went and my brother wasn’t moving as fast as we knew he could and m kept clinging to Jomo. Painfully and gradually the fight ended with Jomo winning on points. As soon as the bell rang for the end, my brother rushed outside, into the nearest bush and threw up – all the kokonte he ate earlier gushed out. Apparently when he started warming up he realised he was nauseous and thought the feeling will subside. Somehow news leaked into the hall and the audiences trooped out to witness him throwing up the kokonte and he became the talk of town.
For us, this was more humiliating than him loosing the fight and my brother was never the same again after this.
Its once thing being gifted, its another thing paying the price to manifest that gifting.
Manna was dropped outside the camp for the Israelites and they had to trek out to get it.
The garden of Eden was created by God and given to Adam to till. We have been placed in our garden of Eden’s and some are sleeping. We are allowing the lack of self control,
indiscipline, the unwillingness to work hard, to make us lose the beauty of the garden.
God has blessed you. Pay the price to manifest the blessing. Walk for your manna; till your Eden.
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