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The National Executive Committee of the People’s National Convention (PNC) has dismissed the leader of the party, David Apasera and Chairman, Moses Danibaah.

This follows a petition by embattled General Secretary, Janet Asana Nabla, and other party members.

The petition points to the financial malfeasance and misconduct of the two executives.

Greater Accra Regional Chair, Bala Saliu Maikanka, takes over the role of Party Chair as the General Secretary is reinstated.
PNC’s NEC removes Chairman and Leader, declares suspension of General Secretary null
Committee said the decision to suspend General Secretary, Janet Asana is unconstitutional.

In August this year, a National Executive Committee Meeting removed the General Secretary of the party alleging financial malfeasance and misconduct.

According to the NEC meeting in Kumasi, suspending the General Secretary is unconstitutional since it was not done by a properly constituted committee.

Participants at the Kumasi NEC meeting say the regional chairs who participated in the previous meeting did not form a quorum as stated in Article 45(3) of the party’s constitution.

“That the NEC meeting of 28th August 2021 was not properly constituted pursuant to Article 45(3) and as such that meeting is null and void and its outcome must be treated with contempt”, a statement released after the meeting said.

The meeting held in Kumasi was attended by nine regional chairmen and secretaries, some national officers as required by law. In addition, national Vice Chairman Henry Asante and Sam Adeifio (the Central Regional Secretary) were present virtually via Zoom.

The petition received by the National Executive Committee alleges an amount of ¢1.7 million raised to fund the 2020 General Election was drawn from the party’s account by the two accused without the knowledge of the General Secretary, who is mandated to run affairs of the party.

They claim an amount of ¢150,000 for the party’s rent has been withdrawn by the former leader without the party’s knowledge.

The NEC has found the persons guilty of all allegations, including difficulty locating two vehicles received for the party’s activities during the general election.

“That, they are removed from their respective offices pursuant to Article 49(a)(4) of PNC constitution for misconducting themselves as prescribed in the petition indefinitely”, the statement communicates.



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