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PwC renews calls to improve revenue mobilization

Pricewater house Coopers Ghana limited (PwC) is renewing calls by some businesses for the government to improve tax collection system through digital means.

The International Audit firm believes the use of online and other digital platforms is the way to go in enhancing revenue mobilization.

Director of Tax Services at the PwC, Ayesha Bedwei speaking with JoyBusuiness ahead of the upcoming Intellitax seminar, a capacity building event to educate SMEs on innovative ways of filing tax returns.

“We realized there are many online means governments can use to get its taxes from these businesses and individuals without hassle,” she noted.


The Ghana Revenue Authority for more than two years has missed its domestic revenue target despite measures put in place by the government to broaden the tax net.

Many small businesses have little or no knowledge about some of the tax policies being introduced hence the struggle to pay their taxes.

To this end, the PwC collaboration with JoyBusiness- JoyBusiness Knowledge series powered by PwC is to enlighten small and medium enterprises on innovative ways to file their tax returns at the end of the year.

“Intellitax or paying tax intelligently is a way to educate SMEs and the business community at large about the taxes that affect them and getting the benefit of it, besides letting them be aware of the simplified means to pay,” Ayesha Bedwei said.

Madam Bedwei has also been advising the government to make use of the digital and online platforms to encourage more businesses to pay taxes.

The PwC and JoyBusiness collaboration is expected to create a platform for both businesses and the revenue collection agencies to dialogue on better ways of improving revenue for the state.




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