There is a new wave of protests in the US after a Supreme Court ruling removed women’s right to abortion.

Reports indicate that abortion clinics have begun closing in some US states after the Friday ruling.

Videos posted on social media captures thousands of protestors outside of the court chanting “Abortion is a human right.”

Although pro-life campaigners are excited about the ruling, many, including President Joe Biden have described the ruling as an an affront to human right.

The BBC reports that in Phoenix, Arizona, police fired tear gas after pro-choice protesters banged on the doors and windows of the state capitol. In Los Angeles, protesters briefly blocked traffic on a highway.

Protests are expected to continue in cities around the country on Saturday.

At an abortion clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas the doors to the patient area shut as soon as the court’s opinion was posted online. Staff made calls to tell women that their appointments were cancelled.

“No matter how hard we prepare for bad news, when it finally hits, it hits hard. Having to call these patients and tell them Roe v Wade was overturned is heartbreaking,” a health official told the BBC.


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