The 4BN Commander of the Ghana Armed Forces, Lt. Col. Kwasi Ware Preprah, has told the three member committee probing the Ejura killings that the military officer seen kneeling and aiming into the protesting crowd, did not kill anyone.


The officer whose identity is not known was captured on video aiming into the protesters on  the day of the protest, June 29 2021,  as the military sought to disperse the group that were demanding justice for the slain social media activist Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka Macho.


Taking his turn before the committee and the second day of sitting, Lt. Col. Kwasi Ware Preprah said the officer only meant to scare the protesters and force them to disperse adding that aiming into crowds is part of procedure to disperse demonstrators


“There is a procedure in dispersing crowd, the first is a verbal warning, the second is to cock your weapons to signal to the crowd that you are about to fire. But the third is to fire warning shots. But the signal to scare them includes the kneeling, to aim for you to be scared and maybe disperse. As a matter of fact, the direction of the man who knelt was such that no casualty came from that side”.


The Committee began sitting at the Prempeh Assembly Hall in Kumasi, on Tuesday, July 06, and has 10 days within which to f its work and submit recommendations to the government.




Lt. Col. Kwasi Ware Preprah continued “He didn’t fire. He fired only warning shots and when he went down he didn’t fire. In addition to that kneeling is a position of firing. We have types of positions we fire from, sitting, kneeling squatting standing. One may adopt whichever one he finds comfortable. So just taking the knee doesn’t mean you are doing something out of the ordinary.



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