Kenyan vlogger Susan Metta has been speaking to BBC Swahili about her passion for making content for people living with HIV/Aids.

Ms Metta, who tested positive for HIV in 2019, says she wants to “walk the journey” with many other patients and overcome challenges like stigma.

She has been using her YouTube channel to advocate safe sex to prevent the transmission of the virus.

“People should stop scanning for HIV or Aids with their eyes,” she told BBC Swahili.

She pointed that people who were fat or had smooth skin could have the virus, just like those who were thin or had spots.

“Similarly when you are diagnosed with HIV don’t give up,” she said.

Ms Metta has been a victim of stigma as her boyfriend left her after she tested positive.

Being open about her status has exposed her to discrimination, but she says it helps encourage those living with the disease to accept themselves and to take anti-retroviral drugs.

Her YouTube channel has 15 videos on different HIV topics that have attracted thousands of views.

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