Tiwa Savage

Nigerian Afrobeats singer, Tiwa Savage has revealed that she is being blackmailed for a video that portrays her in an intimate position with her new boyfriend but says she won’t pay.

Tiwa Savage in an interview said that her unnamed boyfriend accidentally posted the video to his Snapchat account recently. Someone however managed to download the clip before it was deleted and is currently trying to extort money from her in exchange of not releasing the video in public.

Sharing her ordeal she revealed that she cried when she first saw the video and feared the reaction.

“Yesterday I was leaving a radio station, I’m in my car and my road manager sends me a message that says “check your phone,” she said.

‘So I check it and there’s a video, and I’m just like, woah. I’m like where did you get this from? He’s like, “I just got it 20 minutes ago”.’

Sh added that ‘The video was sent to him and it’s a video of me with the person I’m dating right now.’

The 41 year old singer currently signed to Universal Music Group is famous for songs such as Eminado, My Darling, Kele Kele, Sombody’s Son and many others.

Explaining the situation on what to do next, the singer continued: ‘My manager’s like, well how much are they asking for?

‘I woke up and I was like no, I’m not because I pay now and then two months down the line you’re gonna come back again and then another two years. Who knows even if I do send you the money, you probably would release it anyway.

“I’m not going to allow anybody to blackmail me for doing something that is natural… this is an intimate moment with someone I’m dating.”

“I am that crazy I could put it out myself – you are not making any money off me,” she said.

Tiwa revealed her new boyfriend isn’t famous and he’s more concerned about her because of her celebrity status.

She admitted she was particularly worried about the impact of the video on her son, Jamil, and mother.

“I am going to talk to him and for me it is even later on when he’s about 15 and someone is trying to be rude to him… I just have to brace him up,” she said.

The hitmaker is currently in the US where she is promoting her latest album Water and Garri, which has collaborations with US stars such as Brandy and Nas.

Savage was married to artist manager, Tunji “Teebillz” Balogun in 2013 but she filed for divorce in 2018 after the pair publicly fell out two years earlier over accusations of infidelity.

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