Two infants where nearly abducted yesterday by two unidentified men at Weija barrier on their way to school with their elderly sister left with blood oozing from her head. 

According to Jessica their elderly sister,  they were on their way to school when she noticed two unidentified men following her in a car. They stopped them offering her 50gh cedis and asked her to go show one where a supermarket close by was while the other guy watched over her siblings in the car. She sensed something wasn’t right and quickly signalled her two-year-old siblings in their local dialect ‘hausa’ to run home which was a stone throw away from where they had reached, they adhered and runoff. These two guys noticing this hit Jessica with a stick behind fearing she might start shouting.

“One held my mouth and the other hit me from the back with a stick, I fell after and that was the last thing i could remember,” she revealed.

An uber driver passing by just then noticed her lying down unconscious and quickly rushed to see what was wrong with her. The two siblings had reached home by then and informed their mom that someone just killed their sister. Their mom quickly rushed to the scene thinking the uber driver had hit her child with his car.”

I met her lying unconscious with blood ozing from her head and we rushed her to the Bortianor Health care where she was attended to and later regained consciousness in the evening asking how her siblings were and if they were in safe hands”, her mother cited.

Benedicta Okunor

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