After a G7 meeting with Washington’s top international allies, the White House remains non-committal on extending the withdrawal deadline from Afghanistan.

President Joe Biden was set to deliver a speech at noon local time in Washington (16:00 GMT) announcing – according to several US media outlets – that American troops would leave Kabul by August 31.
The speech was delayed several times. And hours later, the White House released a statement saying that the evacuation of American citizens, third-country nationals and Afghan allies was “on pace to finish” by the end of the month.

Still, the statement by White House press secretary Jen Psaki left the possibility for extending the withdrawal deadline open. She said the operation will “end based on the achievement of our objectives”.

Psaki said Biden told fellow G7 leaders that US troops are facing “increasing threats” each day from ISIS-K, ISIL’s branch from Afghanistan.

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