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Visa sanctions: US gov’t action without justification – Foreign Affairs Ministry

Government says allegations of non-cooperation by the US government over the deportation of some Ghanaians leading to visa sanction on Ghana are unfounded.

According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, it has always cooperated and engaged the US authorities in processing and removal of Ghanaians from the US.

In a statement released on Friday, the Ministry said it has noted, “with concern and disappointment the decision of the US to implement visa sanctions on Ghana for alleged lack of adequate cooperation in accepting Ghanaian nationals who have been ordered to be removed from the US.”

It said, “As is the requirement and in accordance with international law, the Ghana Embassy in Washington DC undertakes identification and verification processes to ensure that all persons earmarked for deportation to Ghana are bonafide citizens of Ghana.”


“Officers of the US Embassy have verbally informed the Ministry that there are about 7000 Ghanaians who are at different stages of deportation proceedings. However, there has not been any confirmation by the US. authorities of a final court order for their removal in accordance with the U.S.’s own laws,” it added.

The Ministry stressed it concerns with past instances where there have been deportations of Ghanaian and the country has had a cause to complain about the manner in which the persons have been transported back home “in belly chains and physically cuffed to their seats on the aircraft.”

“It is, therefore, surprising that the US authorities would ignore the international protocols that need to be observed in matters of deportation and make allegations of lack of cooperation by Ghana.

“The Ministry wishes to state that these allegations are unfounded and the sanctions imposed on Ghana are without any justification whatsoever,” it said.

The Ministry said it is assessing the situation and would institute appropriate measures within the context of international law and the bilateral relations between Ghana and the United States in due course.





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