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‘We are not criminals’ – Teacher unions fire back at Prof Adei

Some teachers unions in the country have condemned comments attributed to former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Prof Stephen Adei, who is reported to have described pupil teachers as criminals.

Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has asked the newly appointed Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) to apologise for the comments attributed to him.

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has also said the comments by the renowned educationists is characteristic of his longstanding dislike for teachers.

Professor Adei is reported to have described public basic school teachers as “pure criminals” during an interview with Accra based Class FM last Thursday.

He is quoted to have said, “Ghanaian teachers in public basic schools are ‘criminals’ because “they do not teach” yet take their salaries and send their children to private schools.”


However, in a sharp reply NAGRAT said “under normal circumstances, the Association would have treated the statement of Prof. Stephen Adei with disdain and the contempt it deserves knowing the track record of his hatred and senile attacks on the Ghanaian Teachers in the past, but for the fact that he has just been appointed as the Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) which makes him a government appointee and for that matter a state official who should make public statements taking the sensitivities of people into considerations.”

The comments by NAGRAT are contained in a press release signed by the Association’s president, Eric Carbonu.

“One major point of worry to us is that Prof. Stephen Adei was invited to the said programme [on Class FM] to give a talk on the problems confronting the double track system he advocated to government to implement. Instead of confronting the challenges of the double track programme, he rather decided to deviate to attack hard working Ghanaian Teachers,” NAGRAT said.





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