Deputy Campaign Manager for NPP, Dr. Mustapha Hameed has admitted that the NPP lost 36 parliamentary seats to the NDC in the December 7 election, but the NPP also gained other 16 seats from the NDC, which still gives NPP a clear majority in Parliament.

The NDC has since the start of vote counting, been claiming that they have snatched 36 seats from the NPP and they now control 140 seats. They started by saying they had 141 seats, then it reduced to 140. At their last press conference, the figure is down to 139.

The NDC also claimed they had won in 10 out of 16 regions, and that, coupled with their “majority” of seats in Parliament meant they had also won the Presidential elections.

But in a write up on Facebook, the NPP Deputy Campaign Manager noted that for the NDC to have gotten 140 seats, as they claim, they should have retained all of their 106 seats and won at least 34 from the NPP, but that was not the case.

He explained that NPP had 169 and lost 36 to the NDC, leaving it with 133, and they snatched 16 seats from the NDC, bringing their total number of seats won to 149, which is a clear majority.

Find the full write up below.

Mustapha Hameed writes:

A little math:

Mahama claims his party has won 140 majority in Parliament without providing any details.

Now, let us interrogate this inaccurate statement by the former president:

The NPP currently has 169 seats in parliament and the the NDC has 106. So, for the NDC to get 140 seats, the NPP needs to lose 34 seats. Yes, they need to snatch 34 seats from the NPP.

In fact, to get to 140, the NDC does not only need to snatch 34 seats from the NPP, they NDC needs to ensure that they don’t lose a single seat.

Now, the NPP yes has lost 36 seats, which brings them down to 133, but they’ve also won some 16 seats from the NDC. Which leaves the NPP at 149 seats, a clear majority in parliament.

So, if you hear them say they’ve won parliament or they’ve snatched seats or flipped seats, ask them how many did snatch and how many did they lose?

They only talk about their gains, they refuse to mention their losses. Find the net effect, and you’ll know who has majority in parliament.

The NPP has not only won the elections, they’ve also maintained a clear majority in parliament.

The moment you hear any party claim victory in an election without any supporting data, know that 3ka aba fie and they just want to use patapaa to appease their supporters.

Congrats Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, congrats New Patriotic Party (NPP: Development in Freedom).

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