John Dumelo

Actor cum politician, John Dumelo has described a directive announced by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Mark Okraku Mantey as one which makes no sense.

The Deputy Minister announced that people without vaccination cards would not be allowed entry to social events and gatherings this December.

Speaking in an interview on United Showbiz, the actor noted that the directive would infringe on the rights of Ghanaians who are not interested in getting vaccinated.

“No, it won’t work. That’s it. It’s not going to work. Number one, how would you know who is vaccinated or not. If I show you my card, how do you know I am vaccinated? … Were you there when I went to the hospital for the injection?” he asked host of the show.

Citing an example, he said “Let’s say tomorrow, Monday, I went to the hospital, and Kwame is the nurse. Charley Kwame, and then he gives me a fake injection with a card. The card is genuine, biodata and all are printed on it. But how do you know that I have taken the injection?

The actor further questioned that “the second one is that if you are saying that the patrons coming to the event should take the injection, what about those foreigners who didn’t want to take the vaccine?”

He noted that he wasn’t against people getting vaccinated but was only advocating for the government to make provisions for people who do not want to be vaccinated.

“To get it straight…we are not against vaccination. We are not. But we want to talk for those who don’t believe in the vaccine. That you shouldn’t disenfranchise them from enjoying.”

The Deputy Minister, Mark Okraku Mantey in an interview warned that government has outlined requirements and guidelines to control and avoid the spread of COVID-19 within the December festivities.

“Vaccination cards will be required to enter. You must show that you have been vaccinated to be able to enter. Children from age five and above would require a mask. Masks would be removed for special activities like eating and drinking,” he said.

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